A lean, “just-in-time” market 

Market complexity is growing, rhythmed by cycles of change and adjustment that are increasingly short. Within companies, this shift is impacting stakeholders, who need to be more and more agile. This can result in difficulties and frustration that, over time, provoke a decrease in productivity and overall satisfaction.

The obstacles that you are encountering

  • The constant feeling of being rushed, of instability, can make your teams lose their bearings and feel overwhelmed. 

Consequences: loss of initiative, autonomy and lack of involvement.

  • The pace imposed by transformation is threatening your staff’s health and the overall quality of their professional life. 

Consequences: Absenteeism and turnover.

  • The increase in pace, sometimes to the detriment of communication, can generate tension within teams.

Consequences: Conflict and inertia.

What we do

Thanks to

Understand the short-, medium- and long-term issues for your company, in correlation with the market dynamics.

Our experts’ experience in the operational steering of organizations, and in accompanying executive committees.

Analyze how your teams currently function, establish what is working well and therefore must be sustained, and what needs to be developed.

Facilitators trained in individual and collective coaching, and in the managerial dynamics of organizations.

Enable concrete, sustainable solutions that are immediately applicable, that do not hinder your teams’ production.  

In the face of difficulty, generate new perceptions and hence new reactions that are more efficient and satisfying for your teams. 

The benefits for your company









Our proposal is based on two ingredients

A team of former executive officers from large groups (COO, HR/Financial/IT/Communication Directors etc.), qualified professional coaches and university researchers. 

Operational tools that are solution-focused, and the result of contemporary international scientific research (management sciences, sociology and psychology).

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