In a professional context, escape the demotivating mental construction trap: (i) divert the focus away from any shortcomings in order to identify that which nonetheless works well and intensify it, (ii) develop that which improves both the work methods and conditions. This should be done in order to construct a new, more satisfying and efficient professional reality (meaningful, of well-being), rather than ending up focusing on the negative aspects. 


  1. Help identify that which is both working well and is satisfying, and establish the appropriate actions to sustain it.   

  2. Develop constructive competencies in an experiential way: through elimination of the focus on the negative, professional gratitude, professional strengths, professional values, problem solving, professional cooperation and mutual help, professional confidence, non-violent communication and engagement. 

  3. Help put steps in place that allow, in the face of difficulty, for self-care. 

Develop efficiency, engagement and well-being