Escape the trap of scapegoating, and the resulting tension: the problematic behavior of individuals is not derived from their supposedly negative internal characteristics but stems from their own professional parameters and interpretation of other people’s actions. This in turn provokes an escalation of successive counterproductive reactions: these chains of reactions can be changed by establishing a new interactional reality (new interpretations and reactions in relation to the specific environment) that is more functional.


Improve professional 


  1. Identify how individuals interpret the actions of others, and how they then react in a counterproductive manner (both professionally and personally), hence generating the identified problem.

  2. Suppress problematic interpretations by effecting adapted change (explain how other people’s parameters modify the communication process or means of communication, when put in an unaccustomed, appropriate situation).

  3. Co-establish and prescribe steps that are contradictory to the problematic actions that are usually deployed.